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The nature of this practice is to serve you, the patient, the best way we can. This is to improve and maintain your health and understanding of any conditions you may have.

This practice operates as a team. We take great pride in our staff's training, knowledge and capabilities. We want you to have confidence in all of us. We look forward to serving you in a happy, comfortable and healthy relationship. Tell us about any problems or questions you may have.

Adult and Pediatric Neurology

A focus of my practice is to diagnose, manage and treat neurological disorders in adults and children, either as a principal care provider or as an advisor to your physician. Our office seeks to help our patients in their continuing medical care to improve their well-being with ongoing treatment plans.

Attention Deficit Disorder Clinic of Southern California

The Attention Deficit Disorder Clinic of Southern California is a full assessment center for children and adults with attention deficit disorders, impulsively and learning disorders. Various medical treatments will be offered depending on the appropriateness for the individual. This includes medication, biofeedback, & behavioral training. Even holistic and Chinese herbal treatments are available.

Close communication will be set up between the teachers, parent and physician. Ongoing guidance will be available for these conditions. A registered nurse expert in this area will teach Community Parent & Education Program (COPE).

Medical Acupuncture Purpose

Acupuncture is a modality to treat a host of conditions both acute and chronic. In particular, a wide range of pain problems can be controlled or eliminated with the use of acupuncture. This includes neurological, gastrointestinal, rheumatological, and pulmonary difficulties.

My goal has been to provide acupuncture treatment for appropriate medical conditions, particularly pain. My UCLA acupuncture training in 1990 has instilled Eastern approaches to health care in my medical practice.

A medical physician performing medical acupuncture. This allows both Western medicine and Eastern Medicine assessments and treatment combinations of Chinese, Japanese, German, French and American acupuncture techniques. In addition, my training has included herbology, Chi Gong (chinese healing), cranial-facial and hypnosis.

Medical Expert (Medical-Legal Arena)

My desire is to be a provider of "expert witness service." Typically, a medical expert is an individual specifically recognized by the court as having education, experience, training and knowledge, to assist in rendering an opinion on a particular subject, in this case Neurology, Neurosurgery and Acupuncture. My ability is in explaining complicated methods and procedures, technical medical matters and data, as well as interpreting and rendering opinions about a certain set of facts to the court.

My availability is for:

   • Medical Review and Testimony
   • Medical Malpractice Cases
   • Insurance Questions Regarding Neurological Issues

I provide litigation support to attorneys in the field of neurology, including medical record review, IMEs, and expert testimony if necessary. I try to be an objective scientist and a neutral party to the eventual outcome. My work has been with both plaintiff and defense sides.

Did You Know?

Dr. Label is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology (F.A.A.N.)

Question & Answer

How are neurological disorders treated?

Many disorder can be treated. Treatment or symptomatic relief is different for each condition. To find treatment options, neurologists will perform and interpret tests of the brain or nervous system. Treatment can help patients with neurological disorders maintain the best possible quality of life.

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